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Mia Restaurant, Wangsa Walk February 5, 2010

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we usually eat at home for dinner, a simple meal, 1 type of carbo, 1 meat and 1 type of vegs and usually we eat as early as before 7 pm or else both of us will be looking very tired the next day…..could be the carbo we guessed.

anyway, last 3 days we were late home and famished as we haven’t had our lunch for the day and my watch already shown 8:45 pm. we thought of checking out restaurants at the shop lots behind wangsa walk area to take a quick bite. ¬†the place were jammed packed with cars and people and it was not easy to find parking unless you park at the designated parking area behind wangsa walk that would cost you RM 1 per hour but, of course, being a Malaysian, i would make rounds and rounds until i find the closest parking to the restaurant ūüôā

view from the right side of the restaurant

front view

notice the steamboat pot on the table at the back?

we took a walk along the shop lots and decided to stop at Mia Restaurant offering steamboat and Indonesian/Thai specialties. the restaurant is brightly lit with white wall and red and white settee (sorry no picture of the settee in here, forgot to take some) and chairs, very clean and good ambiance.

ice lemon tea with colorful jelly beans

our always favorite drink

instead of a quick bite, we ordered lemon ice and ayam penyet.  the ice lemon is so refreshing, so much of lemon and less sugar. they also added small, round, colorful and sweet jelly beans in the ice lemon, maybe to make it look presentable.  it did not change a little bit of the ice lemon taste.

sorry, this one i’ve already taken a bite of it…can’t wait to try…

check out the bowl of fried sambal belacan

the ayam penyet that we had in Kuching last year was excellent. ¬†the one that we had in Mia Restaurant is also very nice. ¬† it came with a bowl of rice, fried chicken thigh, sambal that looks like fried sambal belacan, fried tempe, a small¬†amount¬†of raw cabbage, string beans (kacang panjang), ¬†raw salad leaves, 4 slices of cucumbers, fried tofu and a bowl of clear soup……yummmyyy…..

we plan to come again and try their steamboat. ¬†Mia Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, open from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm. ¬†it’s located right behind wangsa walk building.