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Diving January 27, 2010

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start young!  that’s what i told my daughter about diving.  finally, she took the challenge to try the DSD (discovery scuba diving) course before she decides to go for OWD (open water dive).


scuba diving is not common among children anymore.  many scuba diving operators have come up with teaching the children as young as 8 years old.  one of the companies that i know is Ed-Scuba.  one of the partners was my ex-primary school mate, cool guy with a very patience character, suitable to teach children…sorry Ed…saya nak bagi you glamour cikit…:-).  he called his young scuba divers, “my scuba rangers”, where minimum age limit to start learning to dive is from 8 yrs old to 18 years old.  they are normally allowed to dive as close as 10 metres no more.  every Sunday at k-club, taman melawati you’ll see  him and his partner busy conducting classes; first in the classroom and after that in the pool.

due to his encouragement, my daughter has successfully completed her 3 hours DSD course with a 1-hour classroom session.  both apprehension and excitement can be seen on her face when she was told to be ready for a pool session.  1st she was asked to swim around the pool to see how comfortable she is in the water, her buoyancy and her flipping the fins.  then she was asked to do the skin diving with her mask and snorkel on.

once they satisfied with her performance, they asked her to come up and put on her bcd.  once done, slowly she was descending together with the instructor underwater and they started swimming back & forth.  from time to time,  they stop and she was asked to do mask clearing.  not an easy task, though, i had a problem in clearing my mask during my diving class before.  but she did it well, bravo!  then she was asked to remove her regulator for a while and breath without it.  well done dear!!  i was a master for this skill…:-)

at the end of the lesson, i asked if she is ready to go for OWD and immediately she said yes.  soon she will be joining me for diving – mother and daughter having fun underwater – cool right 🙂

if you are interested in learning diving, you can contact Ed-Scuba at www.edscuba.com and you’ll be greeted with a friendly staff that will assist you in getting your dream come true – your ultimate chance to breathe underwater…..