Let Loose The Thoughts

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Filed under: Health — lapuce @ 10:55 am

This was taken from The Open Mind website : http://www.the-open-mind.com/the-health-consequences-of-negative-thinking/

It’s amazing how our thoughts changes everything around us.  The saying about “mind over matters” should be taken seriously.  We should start to think about all good things; it can be thought about having a great day in the ofice, smooth driving to work etc, from the day we wake up until the day we go to bed.

Seriously I can assure you, I’ve been practising good thoughts for a very long time.  Every night before going to bed I will visualize what I want to achieve in my work, how much salary that I would like to receive, what kind of company that I wish I will be working for. God is great!!  So far God has granted my wishes.

Look no more for some info.  Watch this video and you can see the amazing thought changes those around you.



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